How Long Does Prostate Artery Embolization Last?

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Are you one of the many men suffering from an enlarged prostate? This condition, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), can cause frustrating symptoms like frequent urination, difficulty starting or stopping your stream, and even urinary tract infections. It’s a common problem that affects many men as they age. In fact, by age 60, about 50% of men will have some signs of BPH, and by age 85, that number jumps to 90%. 

While there are several treatment options available, you may have heard about a minimally invasive procedure called prostate artery embolization (PAE). In this blog post, we’ll explore what PAE is, how it works, and most importantly, how long does prostate artery embolization last?

What is Prostate Artery Embolization?

Prostate artery embolization is a minimally invasive treatment for BPH. During the procedure, a doctor called an interventional radiologist uses X-ray guidance to thread a tiny catheter (a thin, hollow tube) through your arteries until it reaches the blood vessels that supply your prostate. Then, they inject tiny particles into these vessels, which cuts off some of the blood flow to your enlarged prostate. This causes the prostate to shrink, relieving your symptoms.

One of the advantages of PAE for BPH is that it doesn’t require any incisions or general anesthesia. Most men can go home the same day as the procedure and return to their normal activities within a few days. It also has a lower risk of side effects compared to traditional prostate surgery, such as erectile dysfunction or incontinence.

How Long Do the Effects of PAE Last?

Now, let’s get to the big question: how long can you expect the effects of PAE to last? The good news is that several long-term studies have followed men for several years after their PAE procedure. Here’s what they’ve found:

  • Portuguese Study: A study conducted in Portugal followed over 1,000 men for up to 10 years after PAE. It found that 72% of men still had significant symptom improvement five years after the procedure, and 60% still had good results after 10 years. 
  • Brazilian Study: This study tracked men for up to 6.5 years post-PAE and found that 80% of men had good symptom control after 2.5 years. However, this dropped to 35% after 6.5 years, showing a decline in effectiveness over time.
  • French Study: A smaller study in France followed 49 men for four years after PAE. It reported that 77.5% of men did not require any additional prostate surgery during this period, indicating sustained effectiveness. 
  • Chinese Study: Another study from China followed 125 men for up to five years. The cumulative clinical success rates were 82.4% at two years, 65.5% at three years, 52.4% at four years, and 37.4% at five years. The recurrence rates of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) increased over time, with 60.4% experiencing recurrence by the fifth year.

Additionally, a North American study, as detailed in Endovascular Today, followed 1,000 men who underwent PAE and reported significant sustained relief from LUTS and improved quality of life up to six years after the procedure. This study emphasizes that PAE provides a highly effective, long-term treatment option for men with BPH.

So while the effects of PAE may gradually wear off over several years, most men can expect to have several years of symptom relief after the procedure. And if your symptoms do start to come back, you can always have a repeat PAE procedure or explore other treatment options with your doctor.

What Factors Affect How Long PAE Lasts?

It’s important to keep in mind that every man’s experience with PAE is unique. How long the effects last can depend on several factors, like:

  • The size of your prostate before PAE 
  • How well the blood vessels to your prostate were blocked during the procedure 
  • Your age and overall health 
  • Whether you have any other health conditions that affect your urinary symptoms

Your doctor can give you a better idea of what to expect in your individual situation. They may also recommend lifestyle changes, such as limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, avoiding long periods of sitting, and practicing pelvic floor exercises, to help prolong the effects of PAE.

Is PAE Right for You?

If you’re considering PAE as a treatment option for your BPH symptoms, it’s essential to have a thorough discussion with your doctor about the potential risks and benefits. While PAE is generally considered safe and effective, it may not be the best choice for everyone. For example, if you have a very large prostate or severe urinary symptoms, your doctor may recommend a different treatment approach.

However, if you’re looking for a minimally invasive way to get relief from your BPH symptoms without the risks of traditional prostate surgery, PAE may be a good option to consider. Many men appreciate the fact that they can have the procedure done in an outpatient setting and return to their normal activities quickly.

Prostate artery embolization is a safe and effective treatment for BPH that can provide long-lasting symptom relief for many men. While individual results may vary, several long-term studies have shown that PAE can improve symptoms for several years in most men. If you do start to notice your symptoms coming back, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about your options. 

With the right treatment approach and lifestyle modifications, you can keep your BPH symptoms under control and enjoy a better quality of life. If you think PAE may be right for you, talk to your doctor to learn more and see if you’re a good candidate for this innovative procedure.

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