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MIAMI, Florida—Dr. Adam S. Gropper, a renowned Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist and founder of Prostate Specialists of Miami, has unveiled a game-changing new tool for men. His FREE quiz, entitled What Is My International Prostate Symptom Score? helps men better understand the extent of their prostate symptoms. In just 60 seconds, this self-assessment provides valuable insights into the severity of a man’s symptoms, allowing them to take crucial steps toward better health.

Once the results have been processed, a member of Dr. Gropper’s expert team at Prostate Specialists of Miami will contact every participant to offer personalized advice and guidance. Quiz participants can also download an informative and helpful guide called 5 Reasons to Choose Prostate Artery Embolization.

“I created this free quiz because benign prostatic hypertrophy affects 30 percent of men over 50 and 90 percent of men over 85,” says Gropper. “An enlarged prostate gland or BPH can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms from frequent urination and pain during urination to blood in the urine. Every man must determine his International Prostate Symptom Score and seek appropriate treatment. Prostate Artery Embolization, or PAE, is a highly effective and safe option. Unlike other traditional treatment methods, PAE is minimally invasive and doesn’t harm sexual performance. It’s a quick and virtually pain-free recovery procedure, making it an appealing option for many patients. I invite men dealing with BPH to take our assessment to discover if prostate artery embolization suits them.”

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About Dr. Adam Gropper and Prostate Specialists of Miami

Dr. Adam Gropper is a board-certified Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist. Before undertaking his medical training, Dr. Gropper was an engineer at General Dynamics Corporation, working on various projects including cruise missile guidance systems, “Star Wars” strategic defense simulations, and others. He is a lifelong “techie” and has always been an early adopter and innovator of new technologies in treating vascular problems with minimally invasive approaches.

Dr. Gropper received his M.D. from Emory University, where he also completed his residency and fellowship training in Vascular & Interventional Radiology. He has been practicing in Florida since 1999. He has served as an Associate Professor at FIU Medical School and recently retired from his position as Chief of Radiology at Jackson North Medical Center after 10 years of service.

It has been Dr. Gropper’s lifelong dream to have his own office-based practice where he could spend plenty of time taking care of his patients in a high-tech, patient-centered atmosphere of his own design. He created Vivid Vascular to do exactly that. With his new state-of-the-art cath lab, he has been able to provide complete care by being able to perform procedures in his areas of expertise in the office, ensuring the best and most comfortable care for each patient. He has performed thousands of vascular procedures on the arterial and venous systems and has many years of experience in uterine fibroid embolization and pelvic pain issues, interventional oncology, biopsies, spine interventions, and dialysis interventions.

Our vision is to be a vital part of our community. We do so by partnering with our clients, listening to their problems, and coming up with a solution that will bring peace of mind.

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“It’s been so rewarding to build this state-of-the-art practice centered around my patients’ needs,” said Dr. Gropper. “I love seeing my patients walk out the door happy and healthier.”

Dr. Gropper and his wife Kari live in Miami Shores. They have three children and spend their leisure time boating, fishing, snow skiing, and traveling.

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